Charles Crew

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Charles Crew is a simple men's sweater from Holebrook. The sweater consists of 80% wool and 20% polyamide. The wool is temperature-regulating and naturally odor-inhibiting, so the sweater does not need to be washed as often. Should it get wet, it continues to insulate, unlike e.g. cotton that gets cold. An added bonus is that garments made of wool keep the colors nice and saturated throughout the garment's lifetime. 20% polyamide has been added to increase the sweater's durability and ability to keep its shape.


  • Temperature regulation
  • Naturally odor-inhibiting
  • Insulates despite moisture
  • Color resistant

Materials and Care:

  • 80% wool
  • 20% polyamide
  • Hand wash only with mild detergent
  • Wash inside out
  • Re-shape when wet 
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron inside out
  • Max shrinkage 5%
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