Gretchen Scott

"Our brand embodies a place that is chic, joyous, playful and fun," says Gretchen Scott, Founder, and CEO of Gretchen Scott Designs. Their mantra is: laugh more, gripe less, ignore critics, say yes, order dessert, love life. These words are sewn into everything they make.

The brand was born in Gretchen's living room when she began producing unique flowered baskets. Armed with glue guns, silk flowers, woven baskets, creative passion, entrepreneurial vision, and most importantly, determination, she began her journey. 

Travel influences Gretchen's designs. She finds inspiration wherever she goes. Her designs reflect a global perspective. India is an integral part of what I design, says Gretchen. Indian simplicity clarified even the most complicated design elements. Hand blocks, complex patterns, and vibrant colors define our look. India has taught me to keep my colors true and vivid.

Gretchen raises money for many projects. We donate 100% of our sales and cover our own costs. Our first philanthropic project was raising money for elizabeths hope, the founding root of the childrens brain tumor project at weill cornell. We designed and sold thousands of cotton blouses (now known as the elizabeths hope blouse, available online) and donated 100% of the proceeds.