Bryan Anthonys

Bryan Anthonys was founded by Amber and Edward Glassman. In 2015, they quit their full-time jobs and moved to Austin, Texas, to chase the dream of creating an accessible lifestyle brand that was both modern and meaningful.

Named after co-founder Amber Glassman’s brother, whose young life was tragically taken due to severe bacterial meningitis, Bryan Anthonys was founded on the verifiable truth of life’s fragility – we only have one life, and time isn’t something that is guaranteed. The brand was created in honor of Bryan, hoping to encourage others to make their lives and the lives around them meaningful.

With a passion for pursuing purpose, the couple aims to transform the way we view fashion and the world around us – it’s about discovering personal style while embracing personal stories.

Bryan Anthonys is a jewelry line that creates with purpose – by consciously offering meaningful designs, customers can always share and express who and what matters most.